Sponsor FAQ

Need more information about our event? Want to know how to become a sponsor? Looking for more details about the event facility? All these questions and more are answered below. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please reach out to us using our Contact page.

What are the payment terms?

All sponsorship funds are due upon receipt of invoice and in any case must be remitted at least 60 days prior to the event start date. If you are considering becoming a sponsor within the last 60 days, please reach out directly via email to sponsors [@] collabsummit.org to make expedited arrangements.

Are sponsor fees tax deductible?

We Dreamin’ is produced by the North Texas Association of Technology Professionals, an officially recognized IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization incorporated in the State of Texas. As such, the fees paid may be tax deductible depending upon the laws in your jurisdiction. Please check with a qualified tax professional for more information. To receive a copy of our tax exempt certification and IRS recognition letter, check the appropriate box on your sponsor registration form during registration or send send an email to sponsors [@] collabsummit.org.

Are sponsor fees refundable?

In most cases, sponsorship fees are non-refundable (refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information). This situation may change In the event of an official public health emergency, severe weather event, or other unforeseen circumstances. We want all of our sponsors to be satisfied as an NACS partner, so please reach out to us should you need to withdraw from the event for any reason.

What are the sponsorship deadlines?

Deadlines vary based on sponsor type and level. For example, all media assets that involve any type of printing must be received at least 45 days prior to the event, whereas online media can be submitted or modified at any time. Your sponsor representative will communicate specific deadlines based on the selected package(s).

What are the booth configuration options?

We are limited to what the facility can provide in terms of physical booth setup and configuration. All exhibitor packages include a 6 foot long covered table with two chairs, 110v/120v US-standard electrical connections, and WiFi access. Exhibitors are not required to use these and we encourage you to bring your own backdrops, media stands, monitors, and accessories, provided they fit within an 8′ x 8′ space. There are no pipe and drape or hard-sided booth options available. The facility does not have staff to assist with load in, setup, or load out, each sponsor is responsible for setting up and tearing down their own booth. Except for Diamond sponsors, large, oversized, or complex booth configurations are discouraged.  

How many staff can be present?

Each exhibitor receives three complementary event passes for the exhibitor areas, meals, and social events. Unlike many other conferences, we want our sponsors and their staff to enjoy the entire experience – meals are included and attendance at social events is welcome. We do require that all staff be registered so we have have accurate counts for food and beverages. If you require additional staff passes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note that breakout and workshop session seats are reserved for attendees.  While we don’t have anything against sponsor staff attending sessions during slower traffic times in the exhibition areas, space is very limited in the breakout rooms and we have to give preference to registered attendees. Also, it is worth noting that, on the final day in which InnoTech and Women in Tech attendees will be present, break times are staggered and the exhibition areas may be busy throughout the entire day.   

How will the combined conference day affect We Dreamin' sponsors?

We are very excited to be partnering with NACS & InnoTech, who have been a tremendous supporter of the Microsoft technical communities for many years, and the Women in Tech Summit. In our discussions we have found that there is a large amount of crossover between our audiences, and with the NACS expansion into multiple cloud platforms, we expect the synergy to be even greater. Our combined events will put your products and services in front of more than 1,000 people, making We Dreamin’ one of the largest community-driven events in North America. We are confident this will benefit all of our sponsors and exhibitors, and hope that you will want to return again the following year!

Are there loading docks for exhibitors?

Yes. The facility has ample space for equipment loadin/loadout, freight elevators, and ramps. 

Is there power at each booth location?

Yes. We will have enough power strips for a standard setup of one computer and monitor. If you have additional power requirements, please let us know in advance so we can be prepared. Note that all power connections are US standard 110v/120v three-prong grounded. Please bring the appropriate adapters if any of your equipment uses a different standard (such as EU or UK plugs). Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate 220v power connections. 

Are meals and snacks available to sponsors?

YES!!! You are an important part of the event and we want your entire staff to enjoy the experience, so please avail yourselves of the beverages, snacks, and meals. We would also be thrilled if you would like to join the attendee party. We only ask that you register all staff in advance so we have accurate head counts for catering. 

How do leads get collected?

Every sponsor has access to the run.events mobile app, which can be used from any mobile device to scan badge QR codes for lead collection. No separate devices are necessary, simply ensure that all staff are registered, have created a run.events account, and installed the app.

How do prize giveaways work?

The run.events mobile app has a built-in prize selection feature to randomly choose booth visitor winners but you are free to use whatever mechanism you like. Diamond, Platinum, and Gold sponsors will have an opportunity at the end of each day to present one (1) prize each on the main stage but may also conduct as many in-booth giveaways as they desire. Silver sponsors can also give away prizes at their booths as often as they like. 

Is there a sponsor contract?

Yes. Once you have reviewed the sponsor prospectus, please contact sponsors [@] collabsummit.org, let us know what package you are interested in, and we will send the contract documents for review.